This is our story.  It belongs to all of us.


As educators, families, and advocates of children, we value play as a necessary part of creative and meaningful learning experiences. We prioritize questioning, discovery, exploration, and reflection.  Here, we come together to honor the need for a space in which children, teachers, and families can learn, share, and grow.  


We are a global community.  We examine the ways in which organic play experiences can be combined with 21st century approaches, in order to redefine its place in learning spaces around the world.     


We believe that sharing our journey will benefit all children to become innovative thinkers, designers, and problem-finders, and problem-solvers.  


Our mission is to look critically at our current culture in order to find ways to help the youngest learners to process, explore, discover, and connect.  In doing so, our hope is that they may reach their fullest potential, while finding joy in the experience of learning and playing in our fast-paced world.

Come PLAY with us!

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Our Story

We believe learning happens all around us 

Our Classroom Promise

Our goal is to create a classroom in which play is integrated into the experience of learning. Through authentic experience with stories and books, games, songs, movement, cooperative projects, writing to communicate ideas, art, and experimenting we discover together. We utilize technology in meaningful and innovative ways that allow for creation, expression, and reflection on a daily basis in the classroom. That is where the magic is...and without the magic kids shut down on learning. 


This year, let us find the magic together as we learn and grow in Kindergarten!

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Let this be the beginning of a beautiful global journey.


Thank you for your trust and partnership as we come together to innovate play.

September 23, 2017

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